We have received a high number of cat applications. Our cat adoption application is temporarily unavailable while we work on processing the applications we currently have. Check back soon!


Our cat adoption program focuses on adult cats and senior cats.
We don't have kittens.
Check out Hearts4Paws, a local all-volunteer, foster-based cat rescue. Hearts4Paws generally has cats of all ages in their care.



Larry is a shy boy who often finds a safe space in a cat tree or a cat bed for comfort.


Larry is looking for a patient home that will give him the time he deserves to get used to living in a home! He will need to be given his space so that he can realize that he is in a safe home and that it's ok for him to open up and be himself. He needs time to trust.

Larry shares a room with other cats and doesn't mind their company.

3-year-old male

Other cats: He gets along with other cats

Dogs: He has met dogs before and isn't super thrilled by them. They overwhelm him and he hides. He could possibly live with a low key dog that doesn't want to interact with him too much.

Bea is a friendly, confident girl who is eager for attention. She will climb right into your lap for pets, cuddling and even will give little love nibbles. She is young so she still likes to play but also likes to find a comfy place to hang out and snooze.

Bea is great with other cats and you can sometimes catch her grooming her best friend, Allie. They are super sweet together.

Bea is a happy girl who is ready to be your shadow.

Approx. 10 months-1 year old female
Other cats: She loves other cats
Dogs: She hasn't met dogs yet but can be tested



Allie is a tiny girl with a big personality! When she first arrived, she was on the timid side but since then has completely blossomed and seeks attention from volunteers and visitors. She likes to play with toys, find a comfy place to nap, and adores her cat roommate, Bea.

Allie is a curious, silly girl who is looking for her forever place to land.

Approx. 10 months-1 year old female
Other cats: She loves other cats
Dogs: She hasn't met dogs yet but can be tested


The fluffy princess of the realm. She enjoys being pet, and lounging around her castle. She sometimes shows the other cats who is the boss, but mostly is a happy girl. Bobo used to live with a young child.

1 year old female
Other cats: She can sometimes be feisty with the other kitties but generally coexists well with them
Dogs: She has met dogs and doesn't seem to mind them


Bobby is a sweet, shy boy, but once he knows you’re his friend, he will greet you with his signature happy wagging nub awaiting gentle pets. We believe that he is a true Manx cat.

1 year old male
Other cats: He currently shares a room with several other cats
Dogs: He has been in the room when we cat test our dogs and he hides away

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