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We have 3 kittens available for adoption!

They are all sweet, enjoy playing, and love attention (your typical, happy kittens!). They will purr in your arms while you scratch their cute faces and they'll jump into your lap for a cuddle session.


They would love to live in a home with other animals that they can play with. They are all staying in the same room where they love to be social with each other and our volunteers. All of them enjoy playing with toys and climbing cat trees.


These kittens have tested positive for FIV.


"Kittens that test positive for FIV Infected mother cats transfer FIV antibodies to nursing kittens, so kittens born to infected mothers may receive positive test results for several months after birth. However, few of these kittens actually are or will become infected. To clarify their infection status, kittens younger than six months of age that test positive for FIV should be retested at six months old." -Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine


It can be transmitted to other cats, through deep, open wounds. As long as all cats in the home get along, other cats in the home are at little risk of acquiring FIV. FIV is a slow moving virus, so most cats will pass due to old age before FIV even effects them.

It is important to keep up with yearly exams because if a FIV+ cat gets sick, it will effect them quicker than a cat that is not FIV+. For this reason, it is beneficial to catch things early and treat illnesses fast. But that is what we would expect from any cat owner! Regardless of their FIV status.

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