If a dog is labeled "adoption pending" that means the dog has an approved application and we are either waiting on a meet and greet between our Lighthouse dog and the applicant's current pet, or we are waiting on a home visit, etc. You are more than welcome to still apply for adoption pending dogs as things don't always go as planned! If the dog you have applied for is already spoken for, we will be happy to help you find another dog who fits what you are looking for. The description for each dog will say whether they have met cats yet. If their post says they have not met cats yet, we will cat test them upon request. Our shelter recognizes that all dogs are individuals regardless of breed. Some dogs do have stereotypical characteristics that their breed would suggest they have. Others do not. The breed listed on their photo is what veterinarians have written on their paperwork and are a best guess. We suggest meeting our dogs or asking questions about a certain dog before assuming their behavior based on a breed label.

I'm Brooke

I'm a happy girl who's loyalty to my favorite people is bursting at the seams! I am a high energy girl when I am excited but I do calm down for a good snuggle session after. I like when the volunteers come visit me in my room to hang out with me. When I spend time outside, I like to play fetch and do some sun bathing. I really love belly rubs and will smile up at you when you give me attention! I have previously lived with a family who had young children. Because I tend to be a little jumpy when excited, older children/teens may be a better match for me. I am house trained, know how to sit, give paw and lay down. I can be a little bit selective with which dogs I want to be friends with but passing by other dogs while walking is never a problem. I may be able to live with another dog who is a male and on the submissive side. The volunteers like to take me walking because they can see how happy I am to be out and about. I am an affectionate girl who wants to find my forever family who will let me shower them with love. The volunteers keep telling me that somebody will give me a chance. If you have any questions about me, the volunteers would be more than happy to answer anything. They love me lots.


I am a 6 year old, 60 lb. female
The best guess at my breed is: Lab Mix
I would be good in a home with: A submissive male dog, Older children/Teens

I prefer a home without: Small children because I am jumpy, Cats

I'm Mountaineer

I love to play chase with my dog friends outside in the yard and playing fetch is my absolute favorite activity. I am very dog friendly. I have met so many dogs here at Lighthouse and I get along with all of them! When I first meet new people, I am hesitant to approach them but once I know I can trust you, I will approach you for pets and hope that we can be friends so that I will have a permanent tennis ball thrower. Even though I am shy with new people, I have a very goofy, happy side too. I am more confident with new people when other dogs are around so I would like my forever family to have a confident dog in the home so that they can show me the way and help me open up with my forever family quicker. Because I am shy, I need a fully fenced, secure yard so that I can always be kept safe. Volunteers recently took me on a hike. I loved to be out in the woods and was a confident boy with my tail wagging. Since I was with a group of volunteers that I am used to and with other dogs that the other volunteers were walking, I did very well and everyone was so proud of me! When people approached us that I didn't know, I would get a little nervous but if they had another dog I instantly wanted to play. It won't take me too long to get used to my new surroundings in my forever home!

Check out my music video!

I am a 1 year old, 55 lb. male
The best guess at my breed is: Lab/Vizsla Mix
I would be good in a home with: Dogs

I prefer a home without: Too much commotion at first, I haven't met cats yet

I'm Bella

I'm a playful, affectionate girl. When I first meet new people, I get very excited and am happy to greet you. I am outgoing and love to give kisses. I love to play with toys of all kinds - tennis balls and rope toys seem to be my favorites. I am very dog friendly. I've had so many friends during my stay here at Lighthouse. I've been here for quite awhile. All of my friends come and go! But I am happy to be their friend along the way until I find my own family. I am a smart girl. I know how to sit and lay down. I like to go on walks with my favorite volunteers. My favorite activity is when they take me to swim in the water. I am nondestructive when I spend time in my crate.

Someone was unkind to me regarding food and my crate. I don't like when people get too close to me when I am eating. The shelter has had a trainer work with me to better understand this behavior and I will need to go to training with my new family so they can help me work on this behavior, too (this is something that Lighthouse would help facilitate). I shouldn't live with small children but teenagers would be okay!

I'm looking forward to the day I can find a place to call my forever home.

I am a 2 year old, 60 lb. female
The best guess at my breed is: Retriever Mix
I would be good in a home with: Dogs, Cats, an experienced, patient owner

I prefer a home without: Small children

I'm Rhody

I'm a big love bug. I love attention from people and am a happy, affectionate guy with people. When I spend time inside (I have my own room!), I am pretty low key. I'll hang out on my dog bed and take a snooze or chew on a bone. When I'm outside, I like to zoom around the yard and play with the humans. I'm a big, goofy guy who isn't quite aware of my size, so living with teenagers & adults would be the best fit for me. No small children please! I know how to sit and lay down. I am crate trained and house trained. My previous family said that I can be friends with large dogs with slow introductions. I should be the only dog in the home for now and my forever family should help me learn how to socialize with other dogs. 

I am a 1 and a half year old, 75 lb. male

The best guess at my breed is: Lab Mix

I would be good in a home with: Teens & Adults

I prefer a home without: Small children, I haven't met cats yet

I'm Justin

I'm a super sweet boy with moderate energy level. I'm well behaved in my crate - I rarely ever bark. When I'm outside, I love to be close to the volunteers for pets and to give kisses. I can be a little bit jumpy when I want to greet you, but am not too pushy about it at all and I'm a fairly gentle boy. I want to play and like to spend time outside. I am dog friendly. My forever family will be someone who wants to take me out and about let me be social and play, then we can come home and just hang out.

I am a 1 year old 40 lb. male

The best guess at my breed is: Hound

I would be good in a home with: Dogs

I prefer a home without: N/A but I haven't met cats yet

I'm Felix

I'm a goofy boy who is always happy. If you come home after a bad day at work, I'll immediately put a smile on your face - that's my special talent! I am dog friendly. I used to play with a dog who was smaller than me, a beagle! We were the best of pals. He found his forever family but I'm now friends with another pup at Lighthouse. I pretty much want to immediately play once I meet a new dog. I love to wrestle and play chase. I have an old injury to my left hind leg. The volunteers aren't sure what happened to me but the injury is so old that it is all healed now and that's just the way it is! It doesn't make me unhappy at all and the vets say that I am not in any pain. This means that I may not make the best running buddy but I'd still love to go out for walks and play dates to meet other dogs. My leg doesn't stop me from running just as fast as the other dogs in the yard and having a happy life. I love people - I'm a snuggler. I will likely need some house training.

I am a 1 year old 50 lb. male

The best guess at my breed is: Hound

I would be good in a home with: Dogs

I prefer a home without: N/A but I haven't met cats yet

I'm Olive

I'm a silly pup who will keep my forever family always laughing. I am toy obsessed! I will climb into the toy bin and take out my favorites, then go back for more. I am a snuggly girl too! I love to be around the volunteers, giving out kisses. I loves to play with other dogs. Wrestling and playing chase with the other pups is a fun way for me to get my energy out, then I'll head back inside for a snooze. The only thing I don't like is sharing toys with other dogs. I am a medium energy girl so I would love to go out and about on hikes and meeting other dogs, but will be equally happy cuddling up on the couch with you to watch a movie. The volunteers love to visit me in my room to cuddle with me. I know how to sit and will do so right away when asked especially if you have a treat in your hand. I have my own room at the shelter and have only had an accident or two - so if I were to guess, I'd say I'm almost house trained.

I am a 4 year old, 43 lb. female

The best guess at my breed is: Pitbull Mix

I would be good in a home with: Submissive dogs

I prefer a home without: N/A but I haven't met cats yet

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