If a dog is labeled "adoption pending" that means the dog has an approved application and we are either waiting on a meet and greet between our Lighthouse dog and the applicant's current pet, or we are waiting on a home visit, etc. You are more than welcome to still apply for adoption pending dogs as things don't always go as planned! If the dog you have applied for is already spoken for, we will be happy to help you find another dog who fits what you are looking for.


The description for each dog will say whether they have met cats yet. If their post says they have not met cats yet, we will cat test them upon request.


Our shelter recognizes that all dogs are individuals regardless of breed. Some dogs do have stereotypical characteristics that their breed would suggest they have. Others do not. The breed listed on their photo is what veterinarians have written on their paperwork and are a best guess. We suggest meeting our dogs or asking questions about a certain dog before assuming their behavior based on a breed label.

All of our dogs are spayed/neutered, up to date on necessary vaccines, heartworm or 4DX tested, and up to date on flea/tick and heartworm preventative.


Maurice is a silly dog who always keeps the volunteers laughing. He is tennis ball obsessed, especially if they squeak. He has a medium energy level. He loves to play ball and tear up toys but also loves to snuggle.


He spent about a week at a volunteer's house and they said he was very well mannered in the home and is house trained. They could leave him home alone and he didn't get into any trouble.


Maurice knows how to sit and is very food motivated. He has already learned how to give paw.

Maurice should live in an all adult home as he can be possessive of his toys and will need a family who can work on this behavior with him.

Maurice is a silly, happy boy with the volunteers that he trusts. He will get very close to you, sit, offer you his paw, then offer some kisses too. He will do best in a low-key, experienced home that will be patient Maurice as he learns to trust new humans.

Maurice is a 10 year old, 60 lb. male

His paperwork says he is a Lab Mix

He would be good in a home with: Adults/Teens

He prefers a home without: Dogs, Cats, Small children


Creek is a medium energy boy. When he is spending one-on-one time with you, he loves to soak up your attention and is really loving and calm. We often catch him sun bathing outside whether it be the one sunny spot he finds on the yard, or on the back steps.


When he is in the yard with other pups, his rambunctious, fun, goofy, energetic side comes out. Creek has multiple dog friends to go out in our play yard with.


Creek would make an excellent partner for someone looking for company on their walks and hikes. He would love to explore new places with you, meeting new people and dogs along the way.

Creek doesn't have accidents in his crate and he is a generally quiet guy when spending time indoors.

Creek is a 1 and a half year old, 63 lb. male (he is underweight, so he will be more than 63 lb)
His paperwork says he is a Hound Mix
He would be good in a home with: Dogs
He hasn't met cats yet


Gray is a medium energy, happy boy. His tail is constantly wagging and he is always excited to see his favorite people to greet them with a kiss. When he first meets new strangers, he will sometimes bark initially (we have noticed this is moreso with men). He quickly gets over his fear, especially with treats involved, and realizes quickly that there isn't anything to fear.

He likes to be outside playing with his dog friends or playing fetch with a volunteer but finds cuddling indoors equally important. He is affectionate and sweet with the volunteers.

Gray used to live with multiple dogs in a home setting so he needs to live with another dog as he really enjoys the company of other dogs and that is what he's used to! We also think that if Gray lives with another dog, his confidence will improve, and he will find meeting new people to be less intimidating for him.

He appears to be house trained and knows how to sit. He is extremely treat motivated.

Gray shouldn't live with young children while he is still building his confidence but he would do well with teenagers.

Gray is a 2 year old, 42 lb. male (he is underweight so will be more than 42 lb.)
His paperwork says he is a Shepherd Mix
He would be good in a home with: Dogs - he wants a dog sibling
He prefers a home without: Young children, he hasn't met cats yet

Zoey - in a local foster home

Zoey has been spending time in a local foster home getting some training under her belt! Zoey is a smart, athletic girl. Her foster mom takes her running every day and she is a great running buddy.


When Zoey first arrived at Lighthouse, she was insecure meeting new people but she has made so much progress and has been meeting strangers with confidence now! She would like a forever family who will continue to help her build her confidence.

Zoey gets along very well with other dogs with proper introductions. When her foster mom has long work days, Zoey visits the shelter for the day and she always seems to make a new dog friend.

She is a sweet, cuddly, affectionate girl. She would like a forever family who will keep her active just like her foster mom does! But she also loves to take a snooze on the couch.

Zoey is being fostered in a home with a cat. She is cat friendly with cats who are used to living with a dog. She can be curious at first but listens to corrections from the felines.

She is house trained and crated trained.

Zoey is a 1-2 year old 40 lb. female
Her paperwork says she is a Pitbull Mix
She would be good in a home with: Dogs, Dog-savvy cats

She prefers a home without: Children


Piper is a sweet girl who is reserved at first. She finds comfort in her dog friends as she can be timid in new situations. She would love to go to a forever family who has a confident dog to show her the way.


When Piper is in the yard or indoors with her dog friends around, she will show you her silly, playful side. She likes attention and to be pet all over once she knows you. Once she gets to know you after a few visits, she doesn't rely as much on her dog friends to help her show you her goofy side. She will happily give you kisses. We still are requiring that Piper's forever home has another dog that will provide comfort for her during her transition from shelter to home and will teach her that her new forever family isn't anything to be scared of.

Piper doesn't have accidents in her crate. She will bark when visitors arrive but other than that, she is typically quiet in her crate.

Piper is a 1-2 year old 38 lb. female
Her paperwork says she is a Hound Mix
She would be good in a home with: Dogs - she requires a playful dog sibling

She prefers a home without: Young Children (they would scare her), she hasn't been cat tested


Piper needs a low-key home with another dog and a fully fenced, secure yard


Tater is a medium energy, polite boy. He is extremely food motivated and knows how to sit so far.

He is very silly and is exploring new things. Tater is starting to understand how fun tennis balls and rope toys can be. He likes to be outside in the yard with his best dog pal who has a similar energy level to him, but also likes to spend time inside cuddling up in his bed and relaxing.

Tater doesn't like to be crated. He would prefer to be out and about hanging out with you. Since we discovered he doesn't like crates, Tater has been given his very own room. Tater is well behaved in his room - he doesn't bark too often, doesn't have accidents, and doesn't rip up his bedding. We predict he will be well-behaved in a home setting.

When he first arrived, he was missing a lot of fur. Regardless of being underweight and slightly uncomfortable due to his skin, Tater has been nothing but a sweetheart and loves attention and affection from our volunteers. He is a little cuddlebug and will get into your lap if you sit outside in the yard with him. His skin is getting better with antibiotics and a grain-free, salmon diet. Our vet believes his skin problem is due to a food allergy that was neglected before rescue.

Tater is a 5 year old, 42 lb. male (he is underweight so he will be more than 42 lb)
His paperwork says he is a Pitbull Mix
He would be good in a home with: Dogs

He hasn't met cats yet


Teddy is a low energy boy, the perfect companion for your leisurely walks around the neighborhood and will be happy to cuddle up to help you finish all the episodes of your favorite tv show.

Teddy is an older guy, so he's not interested in high energy activities. He is interested in taking a snooze on his comfy bed, giving gentle nose kisses, and exploring the play yard at his own pace.

Teddy has cataracts so we are not sure how much he can see but that doesn't stop him from spending time in the yard with his dog friends, going up and down the stairs, and navigating new rooms. It seems like he can probably see shadows because he navigates new spaces with ease.

He is well-behaved in his crate. He will let out a few barks every once in awhile but is generally a quiet dog. He doesn't have accidents in his crate or indoors. It is likely that he is house trained.

Teddy is an 11-12 year old, 30 lb. male (he could lose a few pounds but don't tell him that)
His paperwork says he is a Daschund/Poodle mix
He would be good in a home with: Dogs (probably lower energy/older dogs like him would be best) He gets along with dogs of all energy levels but he doesn't engage in play with them

He hasn't met cats yet


Buddy is a medium energy guy. Buddy has been on a pack walk with some of our volunteers who brought along their own dogs and dogs from our shelter for a walk in the woods together. He does well in the company of other dogs. He's not a huge player with other dogs, but happily coexists and appreciates the company. Being a hound boy, he wanted to smell everything along the way and liked exploring a new place.

He likes to be near his people. If you take a seat outside with him, he will lean on you and/or sit in your lap. If you leave him in the yard alone, he will let out his hound bark to let you know that he wants you to come hang out with him.

Where are the hound lovers at?!

Buddy is a 7-8 year old, 48 lb. male
His paperwork says he is a Coonhound Mix
He would be good in a home with: Dogs

He hasn't met cats yet


Fred is an energetic, happy guy. He loves to be in the yard with his dog friends. He's made quite a few friends here already who he loves to wrestle and play chase with. If his forever family has another dog, he would do best with an energetic dog sibling.

He can be a tiny bit timid when he first meets a new human but is very food motivated so if you have some treats to offer him, he will quickly be your best bud.

Fred is pretty quiet and well-behaved in his crate and knows how to sit.

Fred will make a great companion for somebody who wants a partner for walking/hiking/running adventures with a little bit of patience to help him build his confidence.

Fred is a 2 year old, 55 lb. male (we suspect he may be closer to 1 year old)
His paperwork says he is a Lab Mix
He would be good in a home with: Dogs

He hasn't met cats yet


Onyx is a sweet boy who loves to be outside surrounded by his dog friends. Onyx seems to get along with every dog he's met regardless of size and energy level. He seems to really enjoy the medium and higher energy pups though so that may be the best fit for him if he were to be adopted by a family with a dog sibling for him.

Onyx knows how to sit and is very attentive to you when he does. He will probably learn new tricks rather quickly.

Onyx will sometimes bark in his crate when he sees his dog friends passing by because he would like to play. But for the most part, he is quiet in his crate and doesn't have accidents. He has recently been spending time loose in his own room and hasn't had accidents when left loose either.

He has a medium energy level. For Onyx, that means that he enjoys his play time but likes to cuddle up close to you too.

Onyx is a 2 year old, 68 lb. male
His paperwork says he is a Mixed Breed
He would be good in a home with: Dogs

He hasn't met cats yet

Carly & Roxy - Bonded Pair

Carly & Roxy are two adorable lab girls looking for a forever home together.

Both girls have similar personalities: sweet, affectionate, and happy! Their happiness is infectious and it is nearly impossible to be grumpy when hanging out with Carly & Roxy.

They are dog friendly. They enjoy each other's company and are doing very well in the play yard with their new dog friend, Jackie.


Carly & Roxy are overweight so their forever family should be committed to their weight loss journey. They are on a low calorie diet at the moment and we know their cute faces will make it tough to resist giving them all the treats that they want but it will be worth it in the long run!

They seem to be well trained. They know how to sit, give paw, and sit pretty. They are well behaved in their crate meaning they don't have accidents and rarely bark when crated.

They are both around 5 years old. Carly is 105 lb. Roxy is 96 lb.

Their paperwork says they are Lab Mixes

They would be good in a home with: Each other! They need to be placed together. They would do well with other dogs too.

They haven't been tested with cats yet

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