To apply to adopt, download the adoption application above, save the document, and email it to

If a dog is labeled "adoption pending" that means the dog has an approved application and we are either waiting on a meet and greet between our Lighthouse dog and the applicant's current dog/cat/pet, or we are waiting on a home visit, etc. You are more than welcome to still apply for adoption pending dogs as things don't always go as planned! If the dog you have applied for is already spoken for, we will be happy to help you find another dog who fits what you are looking for. The description for each dog will say whether they have met cats yet. If their post says they have not met cats yet, we will cat test them upon request. Our shelter recognizes that all dogs are individuals regardless of breed. Some dogs do have stereotypical characteristics that their breed would suggest they have. Others do not. The breed listed on their photo is what veterinarians have written on their paperwork and are a best guess. We suggest meeting our dogs or asking questions about a certain dog before assuming their behavior based on a breed label.

I'm Cletus

I am a big goofy guy. I love to smell all of my surroundings like a typical coonhound! I play fetch and destroying tennis balls is my favorite activity. I like attention from humans and become affectionate and enjoy belly rubs when you spend time with me in my room. I am an older dog but I still will need a forever family who has a big space for me - I am a big dog who doesn't love being confined. I love going for walks with the volunteers and am good on a leash when the proper training tools are used for walking me. I have been around other dogs before and liked to play but I haven't been able to make dog friends in the shelter setting - I get overstimulated here. I am looking for a forever family who will give me the time I need to decompress from the shelter setting. When I encounter dogs when the volunteers take me for walks off grounds I seem to be fine with that! So if you have another dog in your home and you are interested in adopting me, a meet and greet away from the shelter would be best. I will need house training. I should not live with small children because I am very food motivated and I am not gentle when I take treats from people. I was very very skinny when I was first rescued so I am very eager to get any snack I can get my paws on!

I am a 10 year old, 65 lb. male
The best guess at my breed is: Coonhound

I would be good in a home with: An experienced owner

I prefer a home without: Small children

I'm Smokey

I'm an outgoing, fun pup! I am food motivated and I already know how to sit. I am friendly with other dogs though I sometimes will get cranky and will need my own space. I hope that my forever family will want to take me out on walks and fun hiking adventures. I am crate trained so I never have accidents in my crate and will walk right in! My tail is always wagging because I am a happy go-with-the-flow kinda guy. I don't like to share my toys so I shouldn't live with small children, but I would be fine with teens!

I am a 6 year old, 50 lb. male
The best guess at my breed is: Lab/Hound Mix
I would be good in a home with: Dogs, Teenagers
I prefer a home without: Small children, and I haven't met cats yet.

I'm Cindy

I'm a sweet girl with a fun side, too. I am an outgoing dog who likes to be pet and give kisses. I am pretty laid back most of the time when I'm spending time inside and spend a lot of my time snoozin away. When I'm spending time outside I am a medium energy, playful girl. I am very playful with other dogs and have never met a dog that I didn't like. I would make a great hiking/adventure partner. I have a tendency of being mouthy when I play so little kids may not be the best fit for me until I have learned how to break the habit.

I am a 3 year old, 50 lb. female
The best guess at my breed is: Boxer/American Bulldog Mix
I would be good in a home with: Dogs
I prefer a home without: Small children and I haven't met cats yet

I'm Tommy

I'm a snuggly, happy, playful boy. I will run up to the people I know with my tail wagging and a big smile on my face, ready to play. I love to be around other dogs. I have gotten along with every pup I've ever met. I love to jump around the yard, play a good game of chase, and ocassionally wrestle with them. I used to be timid and afraid of everything when I first got here. I have made SO much progress compared to the scared pup I once was. My forever family will be patient and understanding of the fact that I am still learning how to be a confident pup. I don't have a mean bone in my body I just need some time to understand you won't hurt me. Once I know you, I love to cuddle and will show you the happy dog that I can be. I will do best in a family who already has another dog so I can continue to learn from them and become a very confident boy. I have stayed overnight at a volunteer's house a few times and they said I love to cuddle on the couch and I've been good with their cat residents. At the shelter, I want to play with other cats. I may be able to live in a home with dog savvy cats who will put me in my place! The volunteers who took me home love me a lot and would be able to answer questions that you have about me!

I am a 8-9 month old, 30 lb. male
The best guess at my breed is: Pitbull Mix (that's what my paperwork says - the volunteers think I am part bulldog because I have an underbite! or maybe boxer!)
I would be good in a home with: Dog savvy cats, I require a dog sibling
I prefer a home without: Small children (I am shy and afraid of fast, unpredictable movements)

I'm Cassie

I'm a scared girl who is looking for someone who will teach me what love is! I was previously in a wonderful foster home before I was transported to Massachusetts. She said that I really enjoyed the dog park and can get along with any pup. Living with another dog will help me open up faster with my new family. I have not been socialized with people very much. I'm just not used to getting attention so I get very scared but never react in a bad way at all. I need a quiet, patient home who will be understanding of me while I am learning how to be a dog! I went home with a volunteer for the night. I curled up in their bed all night with their other dog. I was still afraid of the volunteer but accepted love. I will need to live with a family who has a secure, fully fenced yard.

I am a 3 year old, 38 lb. female. I am underweight so I will be more than 38 lb.

The best guess at my breed is: Terrier Mix

I would be good in a home with: I am good with cats, I require a dog sibling, I require a fully fenced, secure yard.

I prefer a home without: too much commotion, I need a quiet home

I'm Dexter

I'm a lower energy guy when I'm spending time inside. I enjoy snuggling up in blankets and taking a nap. I love belly rubs and will beg for your attention. I am great with other dogs. When I spend time outside, I love to play with tennis balls and jump around like a goofball and I have no trouble keeping up with the younger dogs! I am partially blind but it doesn't stop me from navigating every room, walking up and down stairs, or playing outside!

I am a 10 year old, 60 lb. male

The best guess at my breed is: Foxhound

I would be good in a home with: Dogs, Cats, Kids

I prefer a home without: N/A

I'm Chico - I have an adoption pending!

I'm a happy go lucky dude. I am a fun boy to be around considering my tail is always wagging and I'm guaranteed to cheer you up if you've had a bad day. I am very people oriented, always trying to make you happy and get some attention, but I'm dog friendly too. I like to run around and play in the yard with my dog pal. I can be pretty excitable and my favorite way to greet you is jump up and give you a big kiss. I could use some training for this jumpy behavior but I am a good listener so I should learn fast. I already know how to sit!

I am a 2 year old, 60 lb. male

The best guess at my breed is: Lab/Hound Mix

I would be good in a home with: Dogs

I prefer a home without: N/A but I haven't met cats yet

I'm Clancey

I'm a sweet boy once I get to know you. I can initially be shy and unsure of new people but it doesn't take me too long to open up. Once I trust you, I will be following you around asking for your attention. I am friendly with other dogs as I've lived in a kennel setting for quite a bit! Sometimes I can get overwhelmed by commotion so I would recommend that I don't live in a home with small children. A laid back home is what I'm looking for! You know, long nights of cuddling on the couch watching netflix!  

I am a 3 year old, 54 lb. male

The best guess at my breed is: Lab Mix

I would be good in a home with: Dogs

I prefer a home without: Small children, I haven't met cats yet

I'm Danny

I'm a sweet, silly boy with a low to medium energy level. I like to hang out with people in the yard and play every once in awhile to show you my goofy side. I can also be very gentle and docile. I am quiet and well behaved in my crate. I am the perfect balance of laid back and fun. I enjoy attention from people and am dog friendly.

I am a 4 year old, 55 lb. male

The best guess at my breed is: Foxhound

I would be good in a home with: Dogs

I prefer a home without: N/A but I haven't met cats yet

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