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Lizzie is a medium-energy girl who is obsessed with human affection.

She enjoys spending time outside chasing a tennis ball (or playing keep away!). She also likes to play tug with rope toys. But really, the thing she cares most about is snuggling with her favorite people. She'll plop right in your lap and offer you kisses as long as you keep your end of the deal and give her a belly rub.

Lizzie knows how to sit and LOVES food. She is very food motivated and ready to learn new things. She has been on walks with our volunteers who report she is a breeze to walk. She likes to spend her time sniffing everything and was happy to meet new humans. She was also well-behaved for the car ride (except for when she wanted to sit in the driver's lap). 

Lizzie would prefer to be the only pet in the home. While this may deter some adopters, we know her perfect fit is out there...Someone who is ready to give all of their attention and love to one pup and she'll give you that love and attention right back. Lizzie will make a wonderful companion for someone who is looking for the sweet company of a dog. The volunteers who walked Lizzie said that it was easy to walk her even with other dogs around. She does notice their presence and lets out a grumble, but she doesn't pull you toward them or make a scene! She says she is far too mature for that.

She is well-behaved in her crate. She goes into her crate willingly and doesn't have accidents while she is crated. When left loose in her room, Lizzie does have accidents so she will need some work with her house training but she promises to try if you give her a chance!

A message from Lizzie: I am a 5-year-old, 59 lb. female
My paperwork says I am an American Pitbull Terrier mix
Dogs: no thank you

Cats: no thank you

Shiloh - adoption pending!

We previously posted Shiloh as a shy boy when he first arrived. He has made so much progress since then! He's opened up completely with our volunteers. He'll play and zoom around the yard with us or sit at the picnic table for cuddles. He's also discovered how fun toys can be. He'll chase a tennis ball in the yard, loves rope toys, and likes to chew on a nylabone in his crate. He's blossomed into a very sweet, happy boy. He will need a patient home when making the transition from shelter to house setting but we hope that he will show you how fun and silly he can be in no time.

He has been in our play yard with MANY dogs and loves everybody. He is rock solid with other dogs. He barely needs any introduction. He immediately loves and respects all dogs. He's hung out with dogs of every energy level and age: young, high-energy dogs and older, low-energy dogs. Shiloh's favorite activity is playing chase with the playful ones but he is so patient with the lower energy dogs too. Shiloh would love to have another playful dog in his forever home. His canine sibling will help him a lot with his confidence and help him open up with his forever family.

He will need a fully fenced yard that is secure (goes all the way to the ground with no gaps) so that when he does get spooked, he won't be able to escape. He is still afraid of loud noises and new people.

A message from Shiloh: I am a 3-year-old, 52 lb. male
My paperwork says I am a Hound

Dogs: I love to play with other dogs and require a dog sibling

Cats: I am cat friendly


Heinz is a shy boy in the shelter setting but very different in a home setting! A volunteer took him home for a few weeks as a temporary foster and we were surprised to know that he would come out of his shell so quickly in a home setting. He was still unsure of loud noises and was skittish outdoors (though he started to make progress with that) but when indoors, he liked to be pet, was excited to greet his foster parent when they got home, and would trot around the house with a toy (or maybe your sneaker...we found out he's a bit mischievous when it comes to what he considers to be a dog toy!). Once he knows you, he is a very silly boy and will give you kisses.

His foster home had a low-key male dog (55 lb.) and a playful female dog (40 lb.). After slow introductions, Heinz did well with both dogs but gravitated toward the company of his lower energy foster brother rather than his exuberant foster sister. Dogs can be overwhelming for him. We think that Heinz should start out as the only pet in the home but he has the potential to play with other pups in the future once he's settled and comfortable in his new environment. 

Heinz is crate trained. He does not have accidents in his crate or bark. Heinz is not 100% housetrained but was making progress with that in his previous foster home.

Heinz rides well in a car and walks pretty well on a leash when it is quiet. When his foster parent took him for walks late at night, he walked with confidence. During the day when there was more commotion, he got nervous and would frequently stop if something scared him.

Heinz would like to live in a home that is on the quiet side and that has a fully fenced, secure yard so that if he gets nervous, he won't be able to escape.

A message from Heinz: I am a 3-4-year-old, 46 lb. male
My paperwork says I am a Hound mix

Dogs: It takes time for me to get used to a dog because I easily become anxious

Cats: I am not sure about cats yet. At the shelter, I was respectful of cats. In my foster home, I met a cat upstairs and barked at him. 


Amelia is an outgoing, goofy girl. Amelia has a higher energy level so she loves to bounce around our play yard chasing tennis balls. She would thrive with an active forever family who wants to show her new places to run and explore.


After some playtime, she will take a break to chill at the picnic table with you and shower you with kisses.

Amelia recently went off to training. She now knows how to sit, lay down, heel, and place. She would love a forever family who will keep up with her obedience training. She's been taught that jumping up on someone to say hello isn't okay but if you're sitting down, be ready to get a bunch of kisses and affection! She has a lot of love to give.

Amelia has been on walks with other dogs and has played in the yard with dogs. She likes to play rough and has a dominant playstyle, so if she were to live with another dog, the other dog should be similar to her size and enjoy roughhousing.

Amelia doesn't have accidents in her crate but does have accidents in her room when left loose. She may need house training.

A message from Amelia: I am a 4 and a half-year-old, 58 lb. female
My paperwork says I am a Mixed Breed. The volunteers guess that I am a lab/vizsla mix!

Dogs: My play style is rough and a little bit dominant - I get along best with dogs who like to wrestle

Cats: No thank you!

Zoe - in a local foster home

Zoe is a smart, beautiful, sweet girl who is in a foster home. When we first got her at Lighthouse, she was insecure meeting new people. The more that we've gotten to know her, she's come out of her shell with regular volunteers and has shown us how loving and silly she can be. When she sees someone that she loves, her little nub tail doesn't stop wagging and all she wants to do is for you to say hi to her and welcome her into your lap for snuggles. Once you have her trust, there is no turning back! She is loyal and will always greet you with a smile on her face.

When her foster mom has long work days, Zoe comes to the shelter to hang out with us and her dog friends at the shelter. With a slow introduction, Zoe loves other pups and will do zoomies in the yard out of excitement. Her ideal home probably wouldn't take her to a dog park but she'd still like to spend time with dogs that she meets properly and is familiar with.

Zoe has been to training so she knows how to sit, lay down, and has been taught how to give high five by her favorite volunteer. She is very food motivated. Zoe is house trained and crate trained.

Zoe's forever home should be understanding about her insecurity with new people and will want to continue with her obedience training so that when she does get scared, she will listen to you and know that she can trust you. 

Zoe is being fostered in a home with a cat. She is playful with the cat so she should only live with cats who are used to living with dogs.

She has a medium energy level - she loves to go for walks and is a great running buddy but also settles nicely in her crate and on the couch for a nap.

A message from Zoe: I am a 2-year-old 40 lb. female
My paperwork says I am a Pitbull Mix (not really sure why though, I don't look like one)

Dogs: yes, I like dogs with proper introductions as most mature ladies request
Cats: I am fostered with a cat. I try to play with the cat. I can live with cats who are used to living with a dog.

Kids: I have learned to be okay with kids over time but prefer no kids in my forever home


Isaiah is a complete goofball. He is an active guy who loves to be outdoors in our play yard zooming around with toys and with his best dog friends. He likes to play chase and wrestle.

Isaiah is a social butterfly with people - he loves to make new human friends especially if you want to play with toys with him. He isn't the right pup for a family with small children but he could likely live with teenagers.

He's an energetic boy so he's looking for an active family or individual who will show him what the adopted life is all about! This social butterfly would love to go on adventures with you where he can meet new people and other dogs.

Isaiah is working on his house training and crate training. He has made improvements since he first arrived but his forever family should be prepared to continue that!

A message from Isaiah: I am a 1 and a half-year-old, 40 lb. male
My paperwork says I am a Hound mix
Dogs: I love other dogs - I instantly want to play
Cats: I haven't met cats yet


Liberty loves to gallop around our play yard with a toy, loves to play fetch, and enjoys playing with other dogs. While she comes off as a high-energy girl, after a good play session she settles down and asks for love from our volunteers. She is very affectionate, always wanting to give kisses and be close to people. She is outgoing with every person she meets.

Liberty is a smart girl. She knows how to sit and give paw. She will need some obedience training because she is jumpy when excited to see you but because she already knows how to sit, it is easy to redirect her.

Liberty plays with other dogs nicely. She used to play with a high energy female dog when she first arrived. Now she plays with a playful male and they love to chase each other in circles. They got along right away and Liberty made the introduction very easy!

She has been on a few walks with a volunteer. She is starting to get the hang of not pulling and is starting to understand that if she takes her time, she can absorb even more smells. 

A message from Liberty: I am a 1-year-old, 42 lb. female. I am underweight so I will weigh more than 42 lb. once I am at a healthy weight!
My paperwork says I am a Hound mix

Dogs: I like other pups

Cats: No thanks!


Laney is a goofy, rambunctious, curious pup. She loves to be outdoors in our play yard romping around either with a dog friend or playing with toys with her human pals. She will play with absolutely any toy. This girl isn't picky!

She is outgoing and loving with our volunteers and any visitor that she has met. She's a silly, affectionate girl who will plop right in your lap to get closer to you and give an endless supply of kisses.

Laney loves to play with other pups. She plays best with dogs who enjoy wrestling and chasing each other in circles.

Laney has been on walks with a few volunteers. They report that she loves to sniff everything (duh) but doesn't pull too much. She might need a little bit of leash training but is relatively easy to walk for an energetic dog!

When Laney is indoors in a crate, she is relatively quiet (unless it is feeding time 😂). She sometimes has accidents in her crate so she will need crate training but is making progress already.

A message from Laney: I am a 2-year-old, 39 lb. female. I am underweight so I will weigh more than 39 lb. once I am at a healthy weight!
My paperwork says I am a Coonhound

Dogs: I like other pups

Cats: No thanks!


Carly is an adorable lab girl who is outgoing and sweet with people. She will walk right up to you in order to be pet and give you kisses.

Carly knows how to sit and sit pretty. She is very food motivated! We think Carly is house trained because we have left her loose in her room before and she didn't have accidents. She's never had an accident in her crate either.

She loves to wrestle and play chase with her sister who is similar in size to her. She has gotten along with several other dogs ranging from 50-65 lb. but does not like small dogs. She requires a home with a fully fenced secure yard and needs an adopter who will work on her reactivity toward small animals.

We recently took her on a walk at the local park to see how she would do while passing other pups. She met a few dogs around 45-55 lb. and did very well passing by them with no pulling! She does pull toward squirrels and can be quite strong so a confident owner will be best for Carly.

A message from Carly: I am a 5-year-old, 80 lb. female
My paperwork says I am a Lab mix

Dogs: I get along with medium to large dogs. No little dogs please!

Cats: No thank you


Dylan is easily one of the silliest, most entertaining dogs we have ever met at Lighthouse. With his goofy mannerisms and pure zest for life, it is nearly impossible to be in a bad mood when hanging out with him.

Dylan loves to be outdoors in our play yard running back and forth with a tennis ball in his mouth. When you meet Dylan outside, he is energetic and you might assume that he is bouncing off the walls indoors but that is far from the truth! This boy has a blast out in the play yard but when it's time for him to go inside, he runs right into his crate, curls up for a nap, and doesn't make a peep. He has excellent crate manners. No nuisance barking, no barking at other dogs, no accidents.

Dylan goes outside with another dog in our care who sometimes plays a little rough with him. Dylan is so patient with her. Before he was transported to us, he spent time in a boarding kennel where he socialized with other dogs and they also described him as very tolerant of other dogs (they said he was the babysitter for the puppies that were in boarding).

Dylan is deaf. For this reason, he will need an adopter with a fully fenced-in yard. We want to be sure that Dylan is safe in an enclosed space while getting to know the ropes of his new forever home.

A message from Dylan: I am a 5-year-old, 54 lb. male
My paperwork says I am an English Pointer Mix. The volunteers are having a good time guessing what else I am. What do you think? Boxer or bulldog maybe? I will never tell.

Dogs: I don't engage in play often with other dogs, but I am more than happy to share the yard with others. I have a high tolerance for energetic dogs in my space. I am very dog savvy.

Cats: I haven't been tested with cats yet


Lance is a big hunk. Before Lance was rescued, he was extremely underweight and in need of TLC. Now, thanks to our rescue partner at the boarding kennel in Kentucky, Lance is a big lug of love!!

Lance is a well-behaved boy in his crate. We haven't had to clean up one accident for him and he's super quiet. He chews on a bone or takes a snooze.

When Lance is outdoors, he loves to sniff every surface (that's the hound in him!) but he also loves to be silly with toys and is great with other dogs. He played with multiple dogs in Kentucky at the boarding kennel before his transport here.


When he first arrived at our shelter in Massachusetts, he went out in our yard with a silly, playful female dog. He sometimes wanted to play with her and other times, he did his own thing. Now that his playful friend has been adopted, he goes in our yard with a senior female dog who just wants to hang out and enjoy his company without playing. He's cool with that and doesn't push her to play. He's a go-with-the-flow kind of guy.

A message from Lance: I am a 4-year-old, 77 lb. male
My paperwork says I am a Hound mix

Dogs: I am dog friendly

Cats: No cats for me!