Application Instructions

When you click on the Dog Application Button below, the adoption application will open in another screen.

You can not start filling out the application until you have downloaded the application to your computer. Please follow these steps:


1. Click on the download button on the top right of the screen.


2. This button will prompt you to save the application to your computer. Choose the folder in which you'd like the application to be saved.

3. Find where you saved the document and open it. You can now begin filling out the application electronically. If your computer tells you that you do not have the program to open the application, you may need to download adobe acrobat. Adobe Acrobat is a free program and can be downloaded here.

4. When you have finished filling out the application remember to save your document. You can then attach the pdf in an email to us and we will do the rest! Our email is

If you have difficulty with the electronic application and have a printer available, you are more than welcome to print out the application, fill it out by hand and either scan it back to us or take a clear photo of each page and email it to us. As long as everything is clear and legible, our volunteers will be able to start processing your application.

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