We are always looking for foster families to temporarily care for dogs or cats in their home who are waiting for adoption.

Foster families can really make a huge impact on an animal's potential for finding their forever home.


While in foster homes, shy dogs and cats can learn to trust humans and will eventually be more willing to meet potential adopters whereas they may have been too scared to meet new people in the shelter setting. Dogs who need training will grow to be wonderful companions with your guidance. It is up to you how much time & training you are able to handle and we will connect you with the foster dog that is right for your situation and schedule.

Long-term fosters for cats are especially beneficial for the senior cats in our care. Senior cats often spend more time looking for their forever home compared to younger cats. If you want to open your home to a cat in need of a place to live out their golden years or until their forever family comes along, Lighthouse Animal Shelter will cover vetting expenses and, if needed, food and cat litter. You won't regret the decision to foster a cat in need.

There are also times when a short-term foster home is needed (ranging from a few days, to 1 week, to 1 month). The reason for this varies. Sometimes an animal has a forever home lined up but it isn't scheduled for a few days. We would much rather have the animal spend those few days in a foster home than in the shelter. Other times, we need a foster home for 1 week-1 month while an animal recovers from surgery.

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To apply to foster, download the adoption application above and send it to

Lighthouse Animal Shelter

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