Champ -adoption pending

Champ is a goofy, medium to high energy pup. Champ has been with us at Lighthouse for awhile and we can't quite figure out why. We'll admit, he was a bit unruly when he first arrived 😂 But he has really settled in quite nicely and has wiggled his way into our hearts.


Champ is learning new commands. He didn't know how to sit before but now he will do so right away (as long as treats are involved) and he is starting to learn how to lay down. 


When Champ is outside in our play yard with other pups he's ready to party. He loves to play with other dogs and isn't afraid to wrestle and tumble. But when outside spending one-on-one time with a volunteer, he has learned the importance of snuggling. He is very affectionate and quite clingy in an adorable way. He'll get as close to you as possible to give kisses and a love nibble.

He makes dogs friends rather easily and would enjoy having a dog sibling in the home with a similar energy level to him or he could be an only dog for a person/family who will keep him socialized with other dogs by setting up play dates with others.

Champ has become a favorite for our dog walkers to take out. He loves to be out in the community meeting people and dogs and we've learned that he loves to be in the water swimming (in the warm weather!). Now that we're in the colder months of New England weather, this guy has a lot of hugs to offer.

If you're looking for an affectionate adventure partner, Champ is your guy.

A message from Champ: I am a 2-year-old, 55 lb. male
My paperwork says I am a Hound mix

Dogs: I am playful and rambunctious with other pups

Cats: I haven't met cats yet - I can be tested


Cooper is a sweet guy with a moderate energy level. When inside he is laid-back and quiet. He is crate trained. When outdoors, he loves to play with his dog friends. He's met a few dogs here who he has loved instantly.


When we were having some renovations done at our shelter, Cooper went to a local foster home for a few days where he was fostered with senior dogs similar in size to him. He was respectful of them and even got them to play! He was well-behaved in the home and didn't have accidents.

He has since been going back and forth between spending time at the shelter and spending time at a volunteer's house who really likes him. There is another dog in the home similar in size to him but older. Cooper is respectful of him when he doesn't want to play but would probably appreciate a more playful dog in his forever home. He arrived with his brother (who has been adopted) who he loved to follow around wherever he went. He is happiest when around other playful dogs.

Cooper walks well on a leash and is a breeze to take care of at the shelter.

A message from Cooper: I am a 1-year-old, 45 lb. male
My paperwork says I am a Hound mix

Dogs: I've made a lot of dog friends very easily!

Cats: I have not met those yet - I can be tested


Kipper is a little love bug. He may be tiny but he has a big, sweet personality. He greets everybody as if he's known them forever.

His BFF is Shiloh, a playful hound who likes to play chase. He's met other dogs at our shelter who played rough and he was very tolerant of them but Shiloh is his obvious favorite.

Kipper looks like a forever puppy and acts like a young boy. He'd love a family who will keep him social with other dogs. He'd be great living with another dog or with a family who will set up playdates for him with family and friends who have dogs. When out and about on walks, he is a social butterfly who wants to meet everybody (both dogs & humans). He walks nicely on leash.

He is quiet in his crate for the majority of the day. When there is a lot of commotion he will bark but when everything settles down, he settles down too. He already knows how to sit and is eager to make you happy.

A message from Kipper: I am a 2-year-old, 31 lb. male
My paperwork says I am a Mountain Cur Mix

Dogs: I love to play with other dogs

Cats: I have been tested once with cats at the shelter. I was a bit unsure at first. This was probably my first time meeting kitties. I was very respectful of them and was a little playful in the room but wasn't overwhelming for the cats. I could live with cats who are used to a playful pup like me.


Berkley is a little guy but he has a lot of spunk and a big personality! His favorite activity is playing with toys in the yard or chasing after his best dog friend. He has a high energy level when he's with other dogs but he finds attention from people equally important and loves to snuggle.

Berkley is well-behaved in his crate. He will bark when there is commotion or when he sees other dogs going into the play yard because he would like to be in the play yard too! But for the majority of the day, he is quiet in his crate.

Berkley would make a great companion for a family who has another playful dog or a family who will keep him social with other dogs as that is when he is really the most happy!

A message from Berkley: I am a 1-year-old, 36 lb. male (I should gain a few pounds)
My paperwork says I am a Mountain Cur Mix

Dogs: I am rambunctious with other pups, I love them

Cats: I am not sure about those - I can be tested

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