At Lighthouse Animal Shelter, an all volunteer, 501(c)3 organization, we promote the welfare of animals at risk of euthanasia. We also work with the community to maximize efforts in reducing pet overpopulation.

We rescue all of our dogs from high-intake shelters with high euthanasia rates in southern states (the majority being from Kentucky, South Carolina & North Carolina) and get them transported to our New Bedford shelter for adoption.

The cats in our care are all local strays or surrenders and are generally adults to seniors.

To apply to adopt, download the adoption application above and send it to lighthouseanimalshelter@gmail.com


There is a large overpopulation problem, especially in the states we pull our dogs from. We are trying to do our part by saving as many innocent lives as we can as well as promoting spaying and neutering.

We work with our rescue partners down south to get these awesome dogs out of the high-volume shelters due to no fault of their own.

Once the dog is pulled and safe from euthanasia, they are placed in temporary foster homes or boarding kennels. During their stay they can socialize with other dogs and receive proper care & attention while they are waiting to be transported to Massachusetts. Our dogs are seen by a vet while they are waiting. They receive necessary vaccinations, are spayed/neutered, are dewormed, and tested for heartworm. If the dog tests positive for heartworm, they will stay in a foster home or boarding while they receive medical care and are given time to recover before making the trip here.

Once we have the space and resources to bring more dogs into our care, we organize a transport to get the dogs safely from the southern states to our shelter in New Bedford, MA. Upon arrival, the dogs are quarantined until they are seen by our local vet and are then put up for adoption once our vet reports they are healthy and good to go!

We don't always know the back story of our dogs or what happened to them before we saved them. Most of them are found as strays or were surrendered by their previous owners. Some dogs come to us with their whole body wiggling with happiness, ready to find their forever home immediately. Others need a little more TLC and will spend extra time with us gaining confidence and learning to trust humans again. Getting to know our volunteers is always a big help for those specific dogs. What we do know is dogs are really good at forgiving and are always willing to find love in a forever home.

Consider adoption today.

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