Lighthouse Animal Shelter is a shelter full of the underdogs! We rescue dogs from high intake shelters in southern states who would otherwise be euthanized due to limited space and no fault of their own.


Our shelter often takes on dogs who need expensive medical care including but not limited to: heartworm treatment, orthopedic surgery, and behavioral training.

We also care for feral cats, cat owner surrenders, and strays.

Because we are an all volunteer organization, all donations go toward the care of our animals and the upkeep of our shelter, ensuring that all animals have a comfortable stay during their time spent here.

Our medical fund has taken a big hit but Lighthouse is committed to the animals who need our help the most.

Over the past few months, we have had an unprecedented number of dogs who need heartworm treatment, dogs who need orthopedic x-rays and care, as well as several senior animals in need of comprehensive veterinary care, and feral cats in our community who need our help.

Any donations would help us and we are very grateful for any help you can provide us in this effort!

Lighthouse Animal Shelter is a 501c3 all volunteer organization.


Lighthouse relies solely on donations from our community and our volunteers who dedicate their time to taking care of the dogs and cats in our care.

Call us: 508.999.7387   |  Email us: |  Open by Appointment Only

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